Film and television

Countless cable TV commercials in and around the Hudson Valley region of New York including playing the role of Mattress Man and  being given the position of spokesperson for the Fishkill Mattress Factory Outlet 

Playing the role of the Bumble Bee and again taking on the spokesperson for the Westchester County “Bee Line” public transportation Westchester County 

Several Healy Chevrolet commercials, various dealerships in the Hudson Valley 

Played the role of Police Officer in a Live TV production of “Murder Most Mental” , an old time radio show. 

Appeared in Bill Moyer’s “America’s First River” 4 hour documentary 

Musical guest on various local cable TV productions including Poughkeepsie Live, Keeping Country Strong, Hudson Valley News “Public House”, and many more.

Was considered for the role of “Farhad” for a Warner Bros. Film starring Will Smith. Vito read with David Vaccari (Vaccari Casting) but unfortunately didn’t get the role.

In April 2020 Vito will be appearing in “I Know This Much Is True” on HBO. The six part HBO series stars Mark Ruffalo.


 1985-2010 WPDH Various Parody CDs

1988 The Heard "Father Time/Ride On Ride"

1989 Tony Miceli "We Can Make A Difference"

1998 Four Guys In Disguise "Featuring Johnny Philibuster" Philibuster Records (Co-Produced With Vito Petroccitto Jr)

2000 Four Guys In Disguise "Live Tracks" Philibuster Records (Co-Produced With Vito Petroccitto Jr)

2001 Vito Petroccitto Jr "Blare Horse Project"

2001 Four Guys In Disguise “I Am America”

2003 David Roth "Think Twice" Wind River Records

2005 Bruce Jennings "Solid Ground" (Co-Produced With Vito Petroccitto Jr)

2006 Alan Ross Haynes "Back In Vietnam" (Co-Produced With Vito Petroccitto Jr)

2007 Alan Ross Haynes "Let's Eat The Poor"

2008 Alan Ross Haynes “Naked Demos” 

2008 Holland, Thompson and Tooch (Co-Produced With Vito Petroccitto Jr)

2008 Penny Nichols "The 8 Voyages Of Nep"

2009 Pat Lamanna "Full Circle: Songs Of Peace And Love" (Co-Produced With Vito Petroccitto Jr)

2009 Janie March "In His Eyes/Living With Autism" (Co-Produced With Vito Petroccitto Jr)

2009 Oryan "Oryan The EP"

2009 Tom Boyd “The Quilt”

2011 Phil Teumim "All Over The Map"

2012 Bill Gessner “Wild Life In Gessnerville”

2012 Professor Louie and the Crowmatix "Wings On Fire" Woodstock Records

2012 Pat Lamanna "Do I Know My Songs Well Enough To Start Singing Yet?" (Co-Produced With Vito Petroccitto Jr)

2013 Vito Petroccitto Jr "En Vito Veritas" Philibuster Records

2013 Willi Amrod  "Everywhere Is Out Of Town" Awesome Mother Records

2014 Janie March "I Love To See You Smile" (Co-Produced With Vito Petroccitto Jr)

2014 Frank Gadler With The Amrod Band "Cause Of You" Awesome Mother Records (Co-Produced With Vito Petroccitto Jr)

2014 Mitch Katz "Out Of The Blue"

2015 David Roth "So Far, So Good" Wind River Records

2015 Phil Teumim "Far And Wide"

2015 Penny Nichols "Golden State"

2015 Lindsey Webster "You Change"

2015 Mitch Katz "Yes I Will"

2017 Pat Lamanna “Something Beautiful” (Co-Produced With Vito Petroccitto Jr)

2018 Kathy Moran “When The Rooster Sleeps Late” (Co-Produced With Vito Petroccitto Jr)

2018 Penny Nichols “Life”

2019 Mitch Katz “Give And Take”

2020 Stan Beinstein “Senior Moments” (Co Produced with Vito Petroccitto)