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w/ Vito Petroccitto (nearly 40 years teaching exp)

Sign up for a private "one on one" lesson in Guitar, Bass, Songwriting, or sign up for one of Vito's popular workshops. Group classes available. Feel free to scroll down this page and see some of what's available. Accepting all major credit cards, PayPal, and Venmo.

How To Stream Your Own Concert

Streaming workshop

Vito began streaming concerts as soon as he knew that his gigs were canceling by the dozens in the early days of the Covid lockdown. The learning curve was huge but he realized it could make a huge difference in helping his family's survival during the pandemic. So many streams later, Vito has developed a workshop that could help anyone stream a concert on the internet from the comfort of their own home. You'll learn everything from designing your backdrop, to lighting, camera angles, how to stream to YouTube with the help of OBS software, set up start to finish, with follow up tech support to help you accomplish your goals. Sign up today!

Essentials Of Beginning Guitar

Great workshop for the beginning guitarist

Essentials Of Beginning Guitar began in April of 2020 during the pandemic. It has now become a very popular class among beginning guitarists young and old, sign up now and learn how to play guitar!!

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