The Yankee Song

The Yankee Song, written by Vito Petroccitto, Mike Colvin (WPDH Radio Personality), and Mark Cooper, the host of the WPDH Morning Show, was heard by Bob Pelligrino, operations manager for Yankee Stadium (at the time), on his way to work that fateful morning in 1998. The three songwriters wrote the song and then handed it over to Vito to perform it "On Air" within an hour of its conception! 

The song quickly became a "Good Luck Charm" for the New York Yankees and was played before each and every game, on and off the road in the clubhouse. Eventually, the song spread like wildfire and received airplay on many radio stations from Long Island to Manhattan, from New Jersey to Albany and all points in between. Rumor had it that a video was put together back then by Al Trautwig and the MSG Network but never surfaced. The song has played during batting practice back in the day and it's ready for it's resurgence!!!

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